Our Story

With carpentry in his blood, Owner, Joseph Rulli, left the Marine Corps and began work in construction, upon returning to his hometown of Sharpsburg Pennsylvania. After years of working for small construction companies, he found a home in Hardwood Flooring.

Joe learned the ins and outs of not only the hardwood flooring industry, but also various seamless floor applications. Together with his prior work in construction, he had an understanding of preparing, installing and finishing the floor that would be beautiful and stand the test of time. And in October of 2000, Joe began his own business in the Residential side of the field.

After success on the smaller scale, in 2006, Joe agreed to expand his business, that consisted of himself and a few employees, to take on the larger Commercial markets. Bringing in more employees, with similar experience levels, and knowledge of the quality that he was known to have. Now, one of the larger, sole owned hardwood flooring companies in Pittsburgh, that quality of workmanship and standard of excellence, that Joe has kept with him, is still the most important aspect to all Nova Flooring employees.